IPTV Instructions (Devices)

Get started!

Step 1. Select Device/App

Start by deciding which device you want to use (Mobile, Computer, Smart TV etc). Once you have decided, click on the device you want to get started with below. You can download any app from the Appstore, the Play Store or the built-in app library on your device.

Step 2. Read the instructions

Please read the instructions for your NOGA device/app and double-check your spelling when filling in the information you receive in our welcome email! Please note that you need to use the login details you receive in the welcome email to log in to your device/app.

Step 3. Log in to the website

Now you should request a free test or buy a package. We recommend that you extend your free trial by 3 months to continue testing in peace and quiet. When you feel ready, request your free trial/make your purchase by pressing the button:
“I have read the instructions”. However, if you have not yet read the instructions for your device/app, you must read them first.

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