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Smart IPTV Instructions

Instructions for the Smart IPTV app can be found here. Start by downloading the app and then launch it.

Step 1

Once you have downloaded the app, open it.

Step 2

Then note the app’s virtual mac address. You should never give this address to anyone because they will be able to access your playlist and change or delete it. When you launch the app, it may look like this or as in step 3.

Step 3


The EPG or Program Guide may look different, but here’s what it might look like in your app.

Smart IPTV Player

Smart IPTV Player is as it sounds a Smart IPTV player. The app gives you access to hundreds of thousands of channels, movies and series. The player version is the early version that was released in the beginning where you could easily and conveniently watch your favorite channels directly on your device.

Smart IPTV Sweden App

Smart IPTV Sweden app is available for download from us as it is no longer available for download on the internet. We recommend that you do not download the app from just any source as it may contain viruses or other malicious files such as Trojans etc. Try it today!

Smart IPTV APK download

You can download the latest version of the app by clicking on the link below. It is an APK file so you will need to “sideload” it into your device yourself. Using a USB stick, you can do this yourself as long as you follow the instructions in the video below.

Download the Smart IPTV APK file here

See video instructions here

Smart IPTV Channels

Lightning fast servers

Smart IPTV has the most stable IPTV service on the market. Channels, movies and series with an out-of-this-world appeal.

60,000+ TV Channels

We deliver thousands of TV channels from around the world. We broadcast all CMore, Discovery+, Viasat, Viaplay PPV, movies and series directly from HBO, Netflix and Viaplay.

Free support and installation

We can help you with other problems, not just simple ones. We'll help you troubleshoot your broadband if necessary.

Payment methods

Pay easily with payment methods like Card, Swish or Bitcoin.

Packages from 249 kr

All new customers with us get their first month for SEK 249. You can then continue for a longer period.

Customer service

We are in service from the CI. 13:00 to 21:00. We focus on the customer before, during and after the purchase!

Smart IPTV is one of the best IPTV providers of European IPTV channels, hence the name. Since our launch, we have sold over 2 million packages. However, we have chosen to specialize in channels from Scandinavia.


We have all sports channels such as Dplay with all matches from Allsvenskan, Superettan and more and sports channels from the rest of the world.

There is nothing we DON’T have!


We can proudly say that we are the best IPTV provider of fast quality channels. Hence the name Smart IPTV. Since the start of the IPTV era, we have provided over 100,000 customers with channels from all over the world. We prioritize IPTV from the Nordic countries, but of course we have channels from all over the world, including all sports events and much more. Want to know more about IPTV? Read here.

Over 23,000 channels (about 90% in Full HD)

Over 173,000 Movies & Series

About 8 times cheaper than the big suppliers

We have at least 99.89% uptime according to recorded statistics

We have the least buffer of all Swedish IPTV services

Free troubleshooting of your broadband included with purchase




Customer service will help you with everything from IPTV to troubleshooting your network. Our support is also included in all channel packages!

Frequently asked questions

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol TeleVision but is also known as IP television. In simple terms, IP-TV is TV over the internet instead of TV over satellite dish or cable TV. IPTV is different from traditional broadcasting methods that use satellite or cable systems. The technology is simpler and does not really require boxes or dishes. Below is a short video about what IPTV is in English.

IP-TV is television (TV) broadcast over an IP network (internet protocol network) where the signal is usually confined within a broadband network owned by an operator. A more technical explanation of IPTV is that it is based on the so-called DVB standard (not DVB-C which is Cable TV) where Multicast is used for the transmission between transmitter and receiver. Bredbandsbolaget (today called Telenor) was the first provider of IPTV in Sweden in 2005.

How does IPTV actually work?

IPTV works in the following way. TV signals are converted into data traffic by splitting the content into small data packets that are sent over the internet. When these packets reach the user’s device, they are reassembled to recreate the video file which is then displayed on the screen. This type of technology has been around for a long time and the majority of systems today work in the same way, such as your mobile phone, computer, etc.

What is required to watch IPTV is the following:

  • Recipients
  • Internet connection

A receiver can be an app or device such as Smart TV, mobile, etc.)

A stable internet connection where we recommend at least 30mbit/s in download speed and a maximum response time of 10ms. Of course, it is possible to watch IPTV with different values.

IPTV costs different amounts with different providers. Prices are usually between SEK 100 – 2000/year.

Cheap is not always best

You are probably thinking “100kr!?!?”, yes that’s right… 100kr for a whole year. The phrase “you get what you pay for” has probably never been more appropriate than in the IPTV industry. Aliexpress and similar platforms offer such prices, but you should be aware that the quality cannot be worse. It’s basically a waste of money as even the best support in the world cannot compensate for the low quality.

So now back to the question: What does IPTV cost?

  • A reasonable price for IPTV is 1500kr/year. (our service costs 1399kr)
  • A receiver/device (e.g. Apple TV) costs about SEK 2000
  • A really good IPTV app such as IPTVX costs 245kr/year.

Total cost: 3.644kr first year, then 1.644kr/year.

Of course, the cost of electricity, internet, etc. is not included. Then we would also have had to include the cost of the apartment/house and other things! 😀

An IPTV portal is created by placing content on the server for ducks to access. The portal is thus where others can access the information (channels) that you have streamed from other sources. In this server/portal you can display anything. You decide what your customers will have access to.

IPTV is a bit of a gray area, it is illegal to decode channels in Europe, however, it is not illegal for you as a customer to stream channels that are decoded in another country where the decoding is legal.

It is therefore illegal to decode channels at home. However, this is not how our service works because decoding takes place abroad in countries where it is legal. From there, the content is then streamed to you as a customer. So you, the customer, are not committing a crime and have nothing to worry about.

In other words, it’s not all black and white.

You can find the IPTV URL in the email you received from us when you purchased our service. It is sometimes possible to find free M3U URLs on the internet, but these usually contain poor quality content and the like. The IPTV URL is thus an M3U link containing all the channels you can think of.

If you’re wondering, which IPTV is best? Then read on. To get the best and most stable connection possible, you should choose an IPTV provider that has a server that works well throughout Europe, as you are likely to be in Sweden, Norway, Denmark or Finland.

There are many IPTV providers in Europe, but to choose the right one you first need to know what you are looking for. Are you looking for Swedish, Finnish, Danish or Norwegian channels, for example? Or are you just looking for sports, movies, series and documentaries? Whatever you’re looking for, we have it all here at Smart IPTV.